How to Find My POP3 Server Address

POP is the short name for Post Office Protocol, a method that enables e-mail clients (like Outlook) to interact with e-mail servers. POP3 is a server that enables an e-mail client to receive mail.

Open your e-mail address. Find out your e-mail service provider--for example, if your e-mail address is, the AOL is your e-mail service provider. Often, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is your e-mail service provider.

Find the customer service number for your e-mail service provider.

Call the customer service number, and ask for the POP3 service information. POP3 is different depending on what e-mail service provider you have.

Click the Start button. Click "Control Panel."

Double click on the "Mail" icon. Click on "Email accounts." Click on your e-mail account, and then select "Account Settings."

In the "Account Settings," you will see the POP3 settings installed on your computer.

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