How to Seal Off Nylon Cord

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Nylon cords are used in many different industries such as camping equipment, hobby and craft making projects, and tie down equipment. Nylon cord comes in a variety of sizes and lengths and is quite inexpensive. It is considered a lightweight cord, but one that is very strong when put to use. Often, nylon cord may need to have a sealed end. This is common in jewellery making or other craft projects where the nylon cord is being used for display purposes.

Start with a section of nylon cord that is braided as tightly as possible. Cut off any loose or frayed nylon cord ends with the electrical cable cutter. This cutter does a good job making clean cuts to nylon cord.

Twist the entire nylon cord into a tighter braid, using a small pair of needle nose pliers, if you can't cut any material from the nylon cord. If your nylon cord is not braided, skip Step 2 and 3.

Put on your protective gear. Have a fire extinguisher handy, just in case you need it.

Hold the needle nose pliers in place. Apply heat to the outside of the nylon cord, using the butane lighter or small butane torch. This is to seal the braids together, so they will be tighter. Apply the heat at a slight distance, so as not to burn the nylon cord.

Apply heat to the end of the nylon cord using the butane lighter or small butane torch, until the end melts. Use the wood chisel and push the flat braid onto the heated nylon cord, in order to shape it round or square for a solid, sealed end.

You may also use heat shrink tubing to seal cord ends. It comes in regular or braided varieties.

Slide the heat shrink tubing over the end of the nylon cord. Apply heat to the heat shrink tube, using the butane lighter or torch, until the tubing heat shrinks onto the nylon tubing.

Slide the nylon cord into the cord end connector by pushing down on the spring loaded button. This will allow the nylon cord to slide easily into the connector. This connector fits on the very end of the nylon cord. As you push the nylon cord in, it will stop as it bottoms out.

Release the button and check for tightness.

Release the button and reinsert the nylon cord again if the nylon cord end becomes tangled or is not smooth as it enters the connector.

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