How to Replace a Dryer Belt on an Admiral Dryer

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The Admiral dryer belt is not difficult to replace. You will need to remove the front panel and drum to access the belt and replace it. Replacement belts are available at appliance-repair shops. An idler pulley beside the motor applies the tension to the belt.

You will need to move the idler pulley left to release belt tension. When replacing an Admiral belt, make a note of the routing of the belt. If you are unsure of the routing, the spec sheet for your dryer is on the inside front panel.

Disconnect the dryer's power cord from the wall outlet. Pull the dryer 2 feet away from the back wall. Place the blade of a plastic putty knife 3 inches from the right corner between the front panel and the top of the dryer. Depress the retaining tab with the knife blade, and lift the right corner of the top panel.

Move the putty knife to the left front corner between the top and front panels. Lift the top of the dryer while pressing in on the retaining tab. Raise the top panel toward the back wall. The top panel will rest on the hinge clips in a service position.

Locate the door switch on the inside right corner of the dryer. Pull the metal wire leads off the door-switch terminals. You might need to use needle-nose pliers to grab the wire leads.

Find the screws on each top front corner that secure the front and side panels together, and remove them with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Tip the top of the front panel toward you, and lift the panel up to release the panel from the bottom retaining tabs. Set the front panel away from the work area.

Remove the wires from the light assembly on the back of the drum bulkhead. The bulkhead is the metal frame that connects to the front of the dryer behind the front panel. It holds the front of the dryer drum.

Disconnect the bulkhead from the front of the dryer by removing the four securing screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Reach under the drum with both hands. Find the idler pulley with one hand, pull it to the left, and hold the pulley still. Remove the belt from the motor pulley and idler pulley with your free hand. Slowly release your hold on the idler pulley to allow the pulley to go back to the right.

Grab the dryer drum and the belt, and pull them out of the dryer. Take the old belt off the drum. The new belt has ribs on one side. Place the new belt around the drum, with the ribs facing the drum.

Set the drum with the belt into the dryer cabinet. The rear of the drum will fit snugly in the felt seal on the rear of the dryer. Grab the idler pulley again with one hand, pull it to the left, and hold the pulley. Route the belt through the idler pulley and over the motor pulley with your free hand. Slowly release the idler pulley to apply tension to the belt.

Place the bulkhead around the front of the drum, and reattach the bulkhead to the front of the dryer with the retaining screws. Rotate the drum by hand to seat the belt into position. The drum should move freely, with little friction.

Connect the wire over the light assembly terminals. Place the bottom of the front panel over the lower tabs, and push the top of the front panel flush to the side panels. Secure the side and front panels with the retaining screws.

Slide the wire leads back over the door-switch terminals until they lock into place. Lower the top panel, and push in on the corners to engage the retaining tabs. Plug the dryer back into the wall outlet, and push it back into its working position.