How to Repair Webbing Straps for a Couch

The bottom of a couch or sofa has webbing straps attached to support the frame and springs or foam. If the webbing is torn or worn, a sofa may sag or lose its spring. Repair the webbing to improve the support in your couch.

Turn the couch on its side. Using the staple remover, pry the staples holding the bottom cloth in place. Remove the bottom cloth to expose the webbing.

If the existing webbing is torn or decaying, remove all webbing straps from the couch by pulling out the staples with the staple remover. If there are springs attached to the webbing, cut the attaching thread to remove them. Skip this step if webbing is not torn, but just needs reinforcement.

Starting close to the edge of the couch, staple the webbing to one end of the couch at the bottom. Stretch the webbing tightly to the opposite side of the couch, using the sharp points of the webbing stretcher to grip and pull the webbing tightly, and staple the webbing to the bottom of the couch. Cut the webbing about a quarter inch away from the staples.

Repeat Step 3, applying more webbing every two or three inches running the same direction. Once you reach the end of the couch, run webbing across the couch in the opposite direction, weaving it through the webbing that was already applied.

Once webbing is applied, trim off any excess if necessary. Staple the bottom cloth back onto the couch to hide the webbing and give a finished look.

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