How to replace a door mirror

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Door mirrors are very convenient and make life easier in a household with only one bathroom. However, these mirrors sometimes break and fall off of the door that they are on. Replacing them may seem complicated, but it is not as complicated as you might think.

Depending on the type of mirror and how heavy it is will determine the materials you will need, but it is usually a pretty fast fix and you will have your new mirror up in no time.

Remove any pieces of the old mirror that may still be on the door. If adhesive tape was used then you will need to scrape off the excess tape off of the door with the spackle tool. If it was nailed or hung on the door then you will need to seal any holes in the door with plaster using the spackle tool. Once you have done that then let the plaster dry completely.

Determine what you will need in order to hang the new mirror on the door, if you bought the mirror as a kit then you will most likely have the materials included. If you bought the mirror by itself then you will have to figure out what to use. If it is light enough you can just use thick double sided adhesive tape, if it is heavy you will need to nail it into the door on the frame of the mirror.

Measure the height and width of the mirror then measure the height and width of the door. Once you have determined both of these you can start to figure out where you want to place the mirror. You can place it evenly in the center of the door or place it higher or lower on the door depending on the height of the people that will be using the mirror. Once you have this determined then mark off the door so you have something to refer to when you are placing the mirror.

Prepare either the tape or nails for mounting the mirror. If you are using tape, then place the tape around the back side of the mirror on each corner of the mirror, you can place more tape if you would like depending on the weight of the mirror. If you are going to nail the mirror up then hammer just the tips of the nails in the four corners of the front side of the mirror. Be sure to place the nails on the very edge of the frame so you do not hit the actual mirror.

Ask a helper to hold the mirror in place while you finish the placement of the mirror, either pushing the mirror towards the door so that the tape sticks or hammering the nails in so that the mirror is firmly placed on the door.