How to Make Nail Glue

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Acrylic nails attach to natural nails with heavy-duty nail glue. Nail glue often comes in small bottles that run out much more quickly than anticipated. To apply acrylic nails without purchasing a new bottle of glue, you can make your own nail glue. Homemade nail glue works exactly like salon or store-bought glue and can even be used to patch up small splits in your natural nails.

Clean the plastic container with a mild soap and water. Wipe the container dry with a clean towel.

Pour about 1 cup of glue into the plastic container. Stir the glue with a clean kebab stick.

Pour half of the bottle of clear nail polish into the glue mixture and stir with the kebab stick.

Use a thin, clean paintbrush to apply paint to your nails. Dip the paintbrush in the glue mixture and dab a small drop of glue onto your nail. Use your free hand to press the acrylic nail onto your real nail. Apply all of the nails to one hand and allow the glue to harden for about 10 minutes. Repeat the application process on your other hand.

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