How to use a telephone number to locate a name & address

If you're like most people, you are somewhat reluctant to answer a phone call from a strange number. And rightfully so---that phone call could be a telemarketer trying to sell you a new cell phone service or your ex-boyfriend wanting to get back together with you. But if curiosity gets the best of you, and you want to find out who was trying to get a hold of you, you should learn to do a reverse telephone lookup in order to locate the person on the other end of the line.

Visit the White Pages Reverse Phone Number Lookup website by clicking on the link below under "Resources."

Enter the complete telephone number into the blank field labelled "phone number." The number must contain 10 digits for the search to work properly.

Click the "Find" button. A list of possible results for the phone number will appear.

Select the correct result by clicking on its bold, underlined name.

Review the name and address of the person or company associated with the telephone number. Also, notice the map which appears, giving you the precise location of the number.

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