How to Use Flowers of Sulphur on Cats for Ridding Fleas

If your cat has a flea allergy, then it is even more important than it normally would be that you get rid of those fleas fast. However, many pet owners are hesitant to feed their pets the small, "sudden death" flea pills that kill everything on the animal at once because they fear for their pet's health in the process. For a natural remedy for fleas that will take effect immediately, use flowers of sulphur, which can be found in any herb store or organic grocery, to deal with the problem.

Fill the flour shaker a third of the way with the flowers of sulphur. Make sure the inside is dry first so the powder does not clump.

Apply the powder to the cat. It is nontoxic and stops itching on contact while killing the fleas. Part the cat's hair with your hands so the powder gets past the fur and onto the skin.

Clean the house. In order to ensure that the fleas do not come back, you will need to wash all bedding and vacuum all carpets to get rid of the eggs. Use hot water and washing powder for the washing and the vacuum to suck the eggs out of carpets and upholstery.

Sprinkle the cat's bedding with flowers of sulphur. This will help prevent itching and ward off any stragglers that evaded the washing and vacuuming.

Reapply the treatment to the cat and the bedding until both the itching and fleas are gone. This may take several days because the flea bites will itch even after the pests have met their demise.

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