How to Create Your Own Get Out of Jail Free Sticker

When playing Monopoly with friends or family, how many times have you been with someone who wins the "Get Out of Jail Free" card and remarks, "I could use one of these!" Well, you can indeed make such a card for yourself (or any friend who could use one). You can print it out from your computer in the form of a sticker. This way, you can stick it to your wallet and have it with you wherever you go.

Purchase a large sticker(s) from any office-supply store. You can get paper-sized sticker sheets that print like normal paper.

Place the Monopoly "Get Out of Jail Free" card onto the computer scanner; close the cover. Scan the card into the computer.

Save a copy of the scanned card.

Right click on the card and select "Open" in Microsoft Word (or Paint).

Place a regular sheet of paper in the printer. When Word (or Paint) pulls up with the scanned card, click on "File" and then "Print."

Examine the paper when it's finished printing to make sure it's how you want it.

Place your sticker sheet into the printer and reprint the card. Once it's done printing, cut the sticker (with the backing still on) just around the edge of the card.

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