How to Get a King-Size Mattress Up Stairs That It Does Not Fit

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Moving into a new house or flat is an experience full of possibilities. But those dreams can come crashing to a halt when you realise your king-size mattress won't fit up your staircase. We measure bedrooms, the kitchen and even the yard, but rarely think to consider the staircase. Before you throw out your mattress, try a few things ranging from simple to complex to solve your staircase problem.

Use a rope or a team of friends to lift the mattress over the banister or pull it straight up from the bottom of the staircase. Determine if a wall or banister post will block your way at the top of the staircase first.

Look for another entry point. Hoist the king-size mattress through a window or patio on the top floor instead.

Try bending a section of the mattress to manoeuvre past a tight spot on the staircase.

Make your own king-size mattress by buying or connecting two twin mattresses. A twin-bed connector is an effective way to turn two mattresses into one.

Consider remodelling a section of wall near your staircase to allow for more room. Ask a professional to seal it with an option to remove it again at a later date. You may need to replace your mattress or move.

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