How to Recycle National Geographic Magazines

With its award-winning photos, intriguing stories and compelling viewpoints, "National Geographic" magazine is one of the most commonly collected periodicals. Few things can pile up more quickly than magazines, however. If you don't want to hold onto your stack of "National Geographic" magazines, there may be someone who is willing to take them off your hands. If you are a parent or a teacher, a stack of "National Geographic" magazines could be reborn as a child's art project.

Contact a "National Geographic" magazine collector. Log on to and click on the "forum" button. Click the category titled "Buy/Sell/Trade" and search for buyers interested in the issues you have.

Donate your magazines to a non-profit organisation. Log on to to find out how you can donate your old magazines to universities in China.

Contact your local hospital or school and offer to donate your old "National Geographic" magazines. Suggest that students could use the magazines for classroom projects or that patients could read them in the waiting room. Call a fitness centre and ask if you can drop off old issues so patrons can use them, or donate them to a local nursing home.

Involve your children in making a collage with old issues of the magazine. Decide on a common theme, such as Africa or cats of the jungle. Cut out several pictures that fit the theme. Use a glue stick to adhere them to a piece of poster board. Give the collage a title and hang it up on the wall for the whole family to enjoy.

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