How to Keep My House From Being So Dusty

Every home suffers from dust at some point, but dust does not have to rule your home. By following these dusting and cleaning tips, your home can be cleaner and healthier. Dust not only makes a home look less attractive, but it can also cause allergic reactions and make it more difficult for homeowners and guests to breathe.

Create a regular dusting and cleaning routine for your home. Setting a regular dusting and cleaning schedule will keep dust and dirt from building up and spreading throughout your home, making it easier to remove.

Start dusting at the top of a room and work your way down. Removing dust from walls, ceilings, light fixtures and fans first will allow the dust to fall to the floor. It will be easier to remove all the dust by working from top to bottom.

Reduce the amount of collectibles and nick-knacks in your house. Dusting is much more difficult if there are small objects that have to be moved and/or dusted around.

Wash bedding and curtains on a regular basis. Curtains can collect dust and are often neglected when dusting is done. Comforters, especially on beds that might not be used regularly in guest rooms, also need to be washed regularly to remove dust.

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