How to rewind string trimmer line spool

Rewinding a string trimmer line spool is a job just about everyone with a lawn has to tackle on a regular basis during the spring and summer months. A string trimmer, sometimes called a weed wacker, is a handheld lawn tool that uses a flexible synthetic line to cut grass and other plants. It can be powered electrically or by a small gas motor, but either way the basic construction of the cutting apparatus is the same. The synthetic line either runs out or becomes tangled during use and requires rewinding regularly.

Take the spool off the string trimmer. Exactly how you do this depends on the model, but for most trimmers either pull it straight off or push down while twisting in a counterclockwise motion.

Locate the hole in the centre of the spool. Insert about an inch of line into the hole to hold the line in place during winding.

Rewind the string around the spool using a clockwise motion. Start winding along one edge of the spool and slowly climb up the spool, making each row a bit higher than the last. Continue until the spool is full. This will decrease the likelihood of tangles.

Put the end of the synthetic line through the hole on the trimmer itself. Replace the spool using the same method you used to remove it.

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