How to Fill a Montblanc Fountain Pen

fountain pen image by Pali A from

In 1906, the first fountain pen was introduced in Hamburg, Germany by a company that would eventually become Montblanc.

Well-known around the world for creating some of the most sought-after and finely crafted pens in the world, Montblanc also produces a line of fine watches and leather accessories in addition to its line of pens. Fountain pens such as the Meisterstuck continue to be popular for everyday use and special presentations. Filling the pens with ink is designed to be a simple process, so as to not detract from your enjoyment of the pen

Place a bottle of Montblanc refill ink on a sturdy work surface. Remove the top from the ink bottle and place it aside.

Hold the base of your Montblanc fountain pen in one hand and the top, or barrel, with the other.

Turn the barrel to the left to prepare the pen for taking in ink.

Place the nib, or metal tip, of the pen in the ink bottle. The nib should be completely submerged under the surface of the ink. This is necessary to make sure that you draw the ink properly into the pen.

Turn the barrel of the pen completely to the right as you hold the nib in the ink, allowing the pen to draw in the ink. Hold the nib under the ink surface for a few moments following filling,

Remove the pen from the ink and hold the nib above the ink bottle. Turn the barrel slightly to the left until a few drops of ink drop from the tip. The Montblanc is now filled and properly adjusted for writing.