How to Use the Radio Boost CD for the Mini Cooper S

In order to get the most out of your Mini Cooper S driving experience, you will want to learn how to use the features of your Radio Boost CD system. One of the components of this system is, of course, the CD player itself. This system will play normal CDs as well as MP3 files.

In order to use the Mini Radio Boost CD system, you must place the key in the ignition, then either start the engine or switch the car to radio readiness status. To power on the radio system, briefly press the lower control knob, which is located just below the CD slot.

Press the "Audio" button, which is located to the left of the upper control knob.

You will see four options in the display: "TUNER," "CD," "AUX," and "USB." Turn the upper control knob until the "CD" option is highlighted. Briefly press the control knob, or press the toggle button below the "CD" option.

Insert a CD into the slot. The player will read it and start playing the first track.

Adjust the volume using the lower control knob.

Select another track by either turning the upper control knob or briefly pressing one of the arrows above the upper control knob.

Fast forward or reverse through the current track by pressing and holding one of the arrows above the upper control knob.

On the display you will see several options. Briefly press the toggle button under "RND" on the display to play all of the tracks in random order. Briefly press the button under "SC" to play a brief sample of each track.

If the disk you have inserted contains MP3 files, there will be an option on the display that says "LIST." Press the toggle button under this option, then turn the upper control knob to scroll through a list of the tracks available. Press the control knob briefly to select a track.

You also have the option of opening and closing folders on the CD by pressing the toggle buttons under the "+" and "-," respectively. Alternatively, you can press the button under the upward facing arrow to close a folder.

To display information on a particular track, briefly press the toggle button under the option "LIST" in the display, then briefly press the toggle button under "TRACK." Alternatively, press the button under the option "CURR."

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