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How to Put Together the Tetris Cube

Updated March 23, 2017

The Tetris Cube is a three-dimensional, cube-shaped puzzle based on the popular video game Tetris. Each cube has 12 plastic pieces coloured red, blue and yellow that must be reassembled to form a cube. The developer promises 9,839 different solutions to the Tetris Cube. The Cube should be solved inside of the provided clear plastic box as it may otherwise fall apart without the necessary structural support. Tetris Cube is manufactured by Imagination Games.

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  1. Place the blue, tall, 3-pointed piece upright in the right corner closest to you. The tallest edge should go up the corner and reach almost to the top.

  2. Place the L-shaped yellow piece in the right corner furthest from you. The longest edge should lay down flat against the right wall and fit into the blue piece.

  3. Fit the large, four-pointed red piece into the centre gap left by the blue and yellow pieces. The tallest end of the red piece should touch the left wall and it should be one space away from the wall furthest from you.

  4. Put the cross-shaped yellow piece against the left wall one space closer to you than the red piece. It should fit flush against the red piece, but will leave a tall gap in the left corner closest to you.

  5. Drop the T-shaped red piece into the gap in the left corner closest to you with the longest end facing downward. It will reach the top of the cube.

  6. Put the S-shaped blue piece in the left corner furthest from you with the flat end on top. It fits between the two yellow pieces you have already placed.

  7. Place the L-shaped red piece in the gap between the blue piece from step one and the yellow piece from step four. One tip of the L will touch the wall closest to you, while the other will point upward.

  8. Place the S-shaped yellow piece on top of the L-shaped red piece with the tall, flat end touching the top of the right corner closest to you.

  9. Place the U-shaped blue piece adjacent to the S-shaped yellow piece, touching the right wall. The flat end should be on top.

  10. Place the remaining yellow piece flat against the wall furthest from you with the longest end on top and pointing toward you.

  11. Fit the remaining red piece in the right corner furthest away from you. It will only fit in a single orientation.

  12. Lay the final remaining blue piece on top of the cube on the left wall. It will only fit in a single orientation.

  13. Tip

    -The Tetris Cube has a number of solutions, so experiment with the other 9,838 orientations. -Try to remember a single solution that can be used to put the pieces together in the box for storage.

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About the Author

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