How to Make Wigs from Cotton Wool

Making a wig from cotton wool balls and a few other inexpensive materials makes a great craft project for kids. It's a good President's Day activity for elementary school classes as well, and it takes only one afternoon to execute. With a paper grocery bag, some cotton balls and a little glue, children can have fun making the wig, and then they can use their imagination as they wear it. Teachers can instruct the kids to act out short skits with the wigs pretending to be George Washington or other Founding Fathers.

Cut out a wig shape from the paper bag. The bottom of the bag will become the top of the wig.

Brush the glue on one section of the paper bag. Press cotton wool balls in rows to the glue to attach them to the bag. Glue and cover another section then another until the bag is completely covered by cotton wool.

Allow the glue to totally dry. Now the wig is ready to wear.

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