How to replace a sewing machine belt

The one thing on a sewing machine that needs the most repair work is the belt. The sewing machine belt is a piece of rubber that makes the wheel turn and the needle go up and down in a sewing motion. If the belt is in bad shape, the sewing machine will not work. Sometimes while sewing you may notice a burnt rubber smell. When you smell this, you know it is time to change the belt. Changing a sewing machine belt is fairly easy; just make sure you have the proper belt.

Unplug the sewing machine from the electrical socket.

Remove the side of your sewing machine using the screwdriver. Put all the screws in a small bowl so they will not get lost while you are working.

Take the belt gently off the wheel, which should be easy, especially if the belt is broken. Remove the belt from the hand wheel first and then from the gears at the bottom of the machine.

Check your sewing machine's instruction manual for which type of belt your machine uses. Copy down all the numbers and letters to use as a reference when purchasing the new belt.

Place one end of the new belt over the hand wheel. Pull the belt down until it reaches the gears and carefully slip it into place.

Turn the hand wheel a few times to ensure proper installation of the belt. Make adjustments to the positioning of the belt on the gears and wheels if necessary.

Replace the outer covering for the sewing machine and use the screwdriver to put the screws securely back in place.

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