How to get rid of worms in humans naturally

Worms are something that no person wants living in their body. Unfortunately, all it takes is one poorly prepared piece of meat for someone to get infected by worms. From the roundworm, which can block your intestines, to the hookworm, which consumes human blood, these parasites have to be dealt with immediately. While most people will end up taking whatever medicine their doctor prescribes them, there are also natural ways in which to get rid of worms from the human body.

Consult your doctor about anything you do to get rid of the worms from your body. Ask him or her if it's safe to naturally remove the type of parasite you are infected with. If not, you can still use natural remedies to help speed the process along.

Know the type of worm that is in your system. By knowing the worm, you can understand what best removes that specific worm. For example, carrots will help you get rid of threadworms, while the juice of an unripe papaya will help you get rid of roundworms. A raw pineapple will help you get rid of tapeworms.

Add cloves to as many of your meals as you can. These will not kill the worms themselves but will kill the eggs, which can help keep your problem under control.

Eat tomatoes in the morning on an empty stomach to clear worms from your intestines.

Eat pumpkin seeds throughout the day to get rid of a wide variety of parasites.

Clean your large intestine out by scheduling an appointment to receive a colonic. This process uses ozonated water and hydrogen peroxide to clean the intestine directly.

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