How to Increase the Bass on HP Laptop Speakers

HP laptops are equipped with speakers and internal sound cards. Sound properties on the HP laptop may be set to enhance sound volume and quality. Bass levels may be increased on HP laptop speakers by enabling the "Bass Boost" feature in the Control Panel Sound properties. This task is accomplished in just a few easy steps.

Click the Windows "Start" button on your HP laptop and then click the "Control Panel" link.

Click the "Sound" icon. The Sound properties dialogue box will appear.

Click the "Speakers" option in the Playback section of Sound properties.

Click the "Properties" button. The Speakers Properties dialogue box will appear.

Click the "Enhancements" tab on the Speakers Properties dialogue box.

Check the box next to the "Bass Boost and Low Frequency Protection" option.

Click the "Settings" button to change Boost Levels and Frequency, if desired. Default values are automatically provided.

Click "OK" to save the changes and close the Speakers Properties dialogue box.

Click "OK" to close the Sound dialogue box. Bass levels have now been increased on the HP laptop speakers.

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