How to Install a Car Cigar Lighter

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If you need to install a new cigarette lighter on your dashboard and do not want to pay a professional to do it for you, you can do it yourself. You can buy a new cigarette lighter by visiting stores such as Pep Boys, AutoZone or whatever auto store happens to be in your local town area. Once you have purchased your new cigarette lighter, installation is simple and straightforward.

Turn off your car and disconnect the negative cable from the battery. Remove the lower side panel on the left side of dashboard while you are sitting in the driver's seat. To do this, either pull the side panel with your hands and the clips will be pull away from the its place, or if there are screws, use your Phillips screwdriver to remove all screws around the panel and then pull the side panel away from the dashboard.

View the wiring behind the cigar lighter and radio. After locating the wiring for the cigarette lighter, remove the wiring around the cigarette lighter by releasing it from its socket using your hands. If you need to, turn the wiring connector to release it from its connection.

Remove the electrical connector that is attached to the cigarette lighter. Pull out the clips that are holding the cigar lighter and it will release and come out. Then remove the nut that is holding the cigarette lighter into place. Place the 1 1/16-inch, 12-Point socket and ratchet directly behind the cigar lighter to remove the nut and then use your hands to unscrew the nut from the cigar lighter.

Slide out the light housing and pull the cigar lighter out of its socket. Slide in the new cigarette lighter into the old cigar lighter location and reassemble all parts, reconnect the negative cable to the battery and you're done.

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