How to apply for a massage-parlor license

Opening up a massage parlour is the same as opening up any business in that it requires a business license from your city. There are some specific items that are required when opening a massage parlour that are not required for other businesses, and each city may have slightly different requirements. Below is a general list of what is needed and how to apply.

Review all county, city, state and federal license and permit regulations. Many forms are provided on the web sites of these various governments.

Look for a high-foot-traffic location for your business to buy or lease, an office that is in a good location if at all possible. After finding an office space, sign the lease. Then pick up a business license application and a city sales tax application. You can also get most city applications from the web site of the city where you are going to do business.

The business license application may include a zoning referral form and an authorisation for a background check. If needed, get the zoning referral form signed by the city's development department. You might also need a straight-line drawing of your premises prepared 30 days prior to getting your license. Contact the building inspection department and obtain a certification of occupancy.

Go to the local police department or any other service that does fingerprinting, and have your fingerprints taken.

Obtain a copy of any incorporation papers, if applicable, and of your driver's license plus 2 photographs.

Go to city clerk's office, pay the fee and obtain a document to declare your fictitious business name. Print the name in the local paper.

Fill out the applications and sign the authorisation for a background check. Pay all the applicable business license and permitting fees and taxes by either bringing the payment in to your city clerk's office or by mailing it in. Money orders, cash or credit cards are acceptable forms of payment.

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