How to adjust a quartz clock

Quartz clocks use an electronic oscillator that's regulated by a quartz crystal. Quartz clocks were introduced in the 1970s and are now the most common method of clock time keeping. Even if a clock has a swinging pendulum or weights, it can still be a quartz clock.

Setting and adjusting the time is a little different for quartz clocks than for other clocks because the time keeping is regulated by the crystal, not the pendulum.

Insert the batteries.

Adjust the time using the minute hand or the time setting knob, which is likely on the back. Make sure the batteries are installed first if you are adjusting the time using the hands. Also, never adjust the time with the hour hand; the hour hand will move automatically with the minute hand.

Allow the clock to operate for at least an hour for the chime sequence to become synchronised (if there is a chime sequence).