How to Make a Lap Tray

Lap-trays are multifunctional in design. They serve as a portable desk or table. Eating, writing, drawing, or typing on a laptop comfortably are all possible with a lap tray. You can easily make a lap tray out of everyday materials in the home.

Decide what household item will serve as the tray. A legal-sized clipboard, a baking tray, or a lid from a plastic storage tub will all work.

Based on the tray size, choose a pillow. Toddler-sized pillows fit clipboards nicely, but a throw pillow from a couch or a regular-sized pillow might be preferred under a baking tray.

Choose an attractive pillowcase. Place the pillow in the pillowcase. Spread tacky glue all over the underside of the chosen lid. If using a lid from a plastic storage tub, make sure to flip the lid upside down before gluing. Press the pillow firmly against the glue.

Allow the glue to set between the tray and pillow before use.

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