How to Remove Stains on Rubber Without Bleach

You can find rubber all over your house, and in many cases, since it composes a large number of handles, you will also find that the rubber has yellowed thanks to wear, skin oils and general heavy use.

While many people recommend removing stains from rubber with bleach, this can create a problem because bleach will wear out rubber over time and cause it to become brittle. Fortunately there are plenty of other options to remove stains from rubber that do not involve bleach.

Wipe down the rubber surface. Use the cleaning rag and the spray cleaner. This will remove much dirt and grime, making the stains easier to spot and attack without creating a bigger mess in the process.

Make a cleaning paste. Use half a cup of baking soda and 1/8 cup of water. Add a little more water at a time until you have a thick, spreadable paste.

Cover the stains with the baking soda solution. Use a thick layer. You should leave the baking soda in place for about 15 minutes.

Scrub the baking soda away using a toothbrush to target stubborn stains. You can saturate the toothbrush in vinegar to make your stain removal efforts even stronger. If the stains are still not gone, try bleach-free toothpaste.

Wipe away all the cleaning products you have used. Use a cleaning rag soaked in the white vinegar. If the stains are lighter but not all the way gone, repeat the cleaning process.

Clean off the counter. Cut the vinegar smell, and make sure all food products are removed by wiping your rubber surface down again with the cleaning spray and a fresh cleaning rag once you have completed your stain removal.