How to put a cup hook into the wall

Cup hooks are useful and attractive hardware accessories. Used to hold everything from dishtowels, curtain tiebacks and bed curtains, to more complicated window treatments, cups, and coffee mugs. Indeed there are a multitude of craft and household projects that use the handy cup hook. Luckily, screwing a cup hook into the wall is a simple process, but be sure to select the method best for what you desire to hang. If in doubt, screw the cup hook into the wall stud.

Use a push pin to make a small hole by pushing the pin into the wall where you want the cup hook to be.

Remove the push pin and set aside.

Place the screw end of the cup hook into the small hole made by the push pin, and firmly press as you screw the hook into the hole tightly against the wall. Hang curtain tiebacks, dishtowels, and other lightweight items.

Use a stud finder, according to the manufacturer's instructions, to locate a stud near the location you wish to hang your cup hook. If you're hanging something that will have some weight to it (3 to 5 pounds), you will have to screw the cup hook into a stud or it will simply rip out of the drywall.

Use a small hammer to tap the push pin into the stud or use a drill to drill a very fine hole into the stud, through the drywall. Remove the push pin.

Push the screw end of the cup hook into the hold made by the push pin or drill.

Press firmly as you screw the cup hook into the hole and tightly against the wall.

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