How to hang an IKEA pendant lamp

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There are many Ikea pendant lamps, each with slightly differing hanging instructions in Ikea’s familiar pictorial format.

However, some general rules for hanging an Ikea pendant lamp include: safety instructions; electrical connections; how to support the weight of the lamp; hiding the wires and how to attach the lampshade and decorative attachments.

Find your fuse box, which may be under the stairs, in an outbuilding or elsewhere. Locate the switch for the relevant circuit. Turn off power to the circuit prior to commencing work, advises Ikea.

Unpack the lamp and make sure all the parts are present. These may include lampshade, central column, ceiling cup, lamp body, decorative attachments, bulb holder(s), cable and fixings pack. Set out the parts near to the place where you intend to hang the lamp. Set up the ladder to give you easy access to the ceiling.

Locate the pair of wires emanating from above your ceiling. Screw a hook into the ceiling nearby, if necessary, to bear the weight of your pendant lamp, as advised for the Snöig pendant lamp. Thread the wires through the hanging plate and form a loop so they will not have to bear the weight of your pendant lamp, nor will they become tangled.

Unscrew the screws in the wire terminal blocks and insert the bare ends of the wires into them, blue into the block marked N, for neutral, and brown into the block marked L, for live. Tighten the screws in the terminal blocks to trap the wires in place.

Hang the lamp body from the hook if necessary. Tighten the ceiling cup so it becomes flush with the ceiling and hides the hanging plate and wires, as with the Foto pendant lamp. Attach the lampshade and decorative attachments to the central column by clicking plastic lugs into place, as with the Fillsta pendant lamp, or by dangling bejewelled strands, as with the Minnen pendant lamp.

Insert the bulb(s) into the bulb holder(s). Switch on the power again and switch on the lamp.