How to Unlock the Channel Lock on a JVC TV

JVC televisions are equipped with V-chip technology, a feature that allows the user to set a code that blocks access to certain programs, depending on content.

If the TV owner doesn't want children watching TV shows over a certain rating, the V-chip can be coded to prevent access to those programs unless a four-digit code is entered. Unlocking the channel lock takes only a minute. If the code is lost or forgotten, the V-chip also can be cleared and reset.

Turn on the JVC television and press the "Menu" key on the remote control.

Use the Up and Down or Channel button to toggle through thre menu selections until V-chip appears.

Stop on V-chip and press the right arrow button to display a padlock icon.

Enter the four-digit code by pressing the numbers on the keypad. If a code has not been entered, the default code is 0000 (four zeros).

Press the right-arrow key to unlock the channels.

Unplug the JVC television for at least 15 minutes to reset the code to 0000 if a previously set code has been lost or forgotten.