How to convert from an oil to a gas boiler

Many older homes use oil boilers rather than gas boilers for heat. Since natural gas is safer for the environment and more cost effective, converting your boiler from oil to gas will save you money over time. It's also more environmentally friendly.

While there are many home projects you can do yourself, oil to gas boiler conversion isn't one of them. Instead, you'll need to hire an experienced contractor to do the work for you.

Call your local energy company to ask if gas service is possible in your area. Even if you use gas for your water heater or cooking appliances, there may not be enough gas available for the boiler as well. If they say it's possible, then you can start considering the conversion project.

Ask your gas company if they can provide an estimate for the cost of the conversion. They may refer you to a contractor for this estimate if they don't handle this aspect themselves.

Consider your existing boiler. If your current oil furnace only has a few years left of good use, you should wait until you're finished with the old boiler before changing to a gas boiler. Some older models, while still in good working condition, can't be converted to gas. Ask the gas company or a contractor if your boiler can be converted.

Hire a contractor with certification in HVAC conversions and repairs. Make sure they have done an oil to gas boiler conversion before. Contract them to do the conversion for you.

Allow many months for the conversion to be completed. Go by what your contractor estimates for time, though most conversion projects around eight months or longer.