How to paint a ceramic kitchen sink

Sinks get a lot of use. Over the years ceramic sinks may become damaged. Dings, scratches and stains can be unsightly. You have two options when this happens: You can spend a fortune to replace the sink or you can put a new coat of ceramic over the surface layer to give it a clean, fresh, new look.

Use plastic or newspaper and painters tape to cover the counter and backsplash surrounding the sink. Ceramic paint will bond with any paintable surface, so it is really important to not get it on the surrounding surfaces. You'll also want to tape off the drains and the faucet so that you don't get any ceramic paint on them either. Your lines will be clean and sharp when you use painters tape, so the edges where the sink meets the counter will be perfect.

Use a sheet of fine-grit sand paper folded into thirds to sand the surface of the sink. Use a steady back and forth motion. Apply slight pressure while sanding. Sand the entire surface completely. Wipe all dust particles away with a soft damp cloth. Dry completely with a soft dry cloth. Doing this gives the paint a smooth surface to adhere to and also removes nicks and scratches.

Using a soft paint brush of a medium to small size, apply the first coat of ceramic paint to the sink. Allow the paint to dry. Apply one more coat to the sink.

Remove all painters tape, plastic and newspaper from the areas surrounding the sink. Peel off the tape slowly; pulling it off too fast can result in damage. Remove the tape from the drains and from the faucet.

Allow at least 24 hours for the paint to set before using the sink.