How to drill limestone

limestone bricks background image by starush from

Limestone tile, blocks and natural walls are some items you may need to drill into when working on home improvement projects. Although limestone rock can be harder to drill through than many other types of materials, such as wood, the task can be made easier if the proper supplies and techniques are used.

Luckily, modern equipment makes the task of drilling through limestone much easier than in previous years, when long hours of labour were often needed to complete the task.

Cover the area you want to drill with a piece of duct tape or masking tape. This will help the drill to stay put while creating a hole in the limestone. Make a mark on the tape with a pen on the exact location you need to drill.

Fill your spray bottle with water. Hold the drill at a right angle against the spot you plan to drill.

Have an assistant stand next to you with the spray bottle full of water. Tell the assistant to spray a constant flow of water above the drill bit as you are drilling. This is important, as diamond drill bits are meant to be kept wet during use.

Drill into the limestone, using light pressure. Too much pressure may damage the drill bit. Continue drilling in this manner until you have reached the desired depth. Stop and refill your spray bottle, as necessary.