How to Convert a TPS File to a CSV File

The TPS is a flat file export format used by Clarion database software. It cannot be read by Microsoft Access. The TPS Utility can convert a TPS (TopScan or TopSpeed) for CSV (comma separated values) for compatibly. Once converted, the CSV file can be used by a number of applications including Microsoft Excel.

Open the link in "References," below, for the TPS Conversion Utility.

When prompted, save the file to a location on your PC. Be sure you are aware of the drive and location so that you can find this file later.

Go to the file location of your new download.

Run the program tpsutilw32.exe by double-clicking the file or selecting the file and hitting "Enter."

Click "Next" on the first screen of the install wizard. Click "Next" on the "Choose Destination Directory." The default location is fine. Click "Next" again when asked about the program folder name. The default is fine. Click "Next" to begin copying files for the install process.

Select "Run tpsUtil now" and click "Finish" when the install process completes. This will display the main windows of the TPS Utility.

Find "Convert tps/nts file" from the "Operation" drop-down list and select it.

Click the "Input" button to find your .tps file. Find the file and click the "Open" button.

Click the "Output" button to determine the file type you want to convert to.

Type the name of you new file in the "Fine name" field. Be sure to save your file in a location that is easy for you to find later.

Select "CSV files (*.CSV)" from the "Save as type" drop-down list, then click "Save." Your TPS file is now converted to CSV.