How to Use Utorrent Crash Dump

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When uTorrent crashes, it generates DMP (dump) files, just like the Windows OS itself. These files aren't displayed in plain text and contain code strings for debugging purposes.

The developers of uTorrent have an official process for reporting crashes, which aids them in development of future versions of uTorrent and helps standardise the troubleshooting process. The official process is dependent on several diagnostic programs.

Go to "Start," then "Program Files," then click "HijackThis" (See References). When the program opens, click the first option: "Do a system scan and save a logfile." When the scan runs, the logfile should pop-up in Notepad. Click "Save" and save it in a location that's easy to remember, like the desktop.

Go to "Start," then "Program Files," then "Process Explorer" (See References). When the program opens, hit "Control" and "D" at the same time so the program displays DLLs. Go to "Run," then "File," then "Save As." Save to the desktop like before.

Find the Utorrent .dmp file by going to "Start," then "Search," then search for ".dmp" (without the quotation marks). Make sure it's a *.dmp file in the uTorrent installation directory.

Open a thread on the "Found Bugs" forum on the uTorrent site (See References). Copy the text from the HijackThis log, then paste it. Do the same with the ProcessExplorer log. Upload the *.dmp file to a free upload site (such as, then paste the URL in the thread.