How to Find a Landline Number

Although a phone book is the best way to find phone numbers, they are often out of date as soon as a new issue arrives. With the convenience of websites and toll-free numbers that allow you to search for a specific phone number, the phone book is becoming more of a option than a necessary household item.

Call 1-800-FREE-411.

Say 'phone number' when asked what you would like to find out.

Specify whether you are looking for a business, government or residential landline phone number by saying your selection when asked.

Say the city and state when prompted.

Respond to the prompt with the last name of the person that you would like to find.

State the first name of the person that you would like to find when asked.

Confirm the name, location and address by saying 'Yes' after the prompt. If the information is incorrect, say 'No' and you will be allowed to supply the information again.

Say 'Read It' when asked if you would like the phone number. You can also say 'Repeat' to have the information repeated.

Disconnect when done.

Go to

Locate the search form on the main page.

Type the name of the person who owns the phone number you would like to locate in the search box.

Type either the city and state or the zip code in the search box.

Press Submit.

Browse search results for the landline number you are looking for. There may be more than one person with that name in the same zip code, so you may need to compare the exact address with the results.