How to make your own chocolate moulds

gilas/iStock/Getty Images

Creating custom shaped chocolates requires the use of chocolate moulds. Shop-bought moulds are generally made of plastic or silicone rubber material deemed food safe. Finding the perfect pre-made chocolate mould for your needs can be difficult.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to craft your own chocolate moulds with a food grade silicone moulding putty.

Choose an object to use as a model for the mould. If you wanted to create dog bone shaped chocolates, for example, then you would use a dog bone of the appropriate size as your model.

Clean the model object thoroughly with hot, soapy water to kill any existing germs. Dry the model with a clean towel.

Mix the two components of the moulding putty according to the packet directions.

Shape the putty into a square or rectangle larger than the model you have chosen.

Press the model into the putty and leave it there for at least one hour.

Push up on the bottom of the model through the now dry putty to pop the object out of your new chocolate mould.