How to connect your DVD to a TV using scart

SCART is a connecting cable used on many European DVD players and televisions. This cable is wide with a series of pins used to connect both the audio and video aspects of DVD/TV. To use SCART, you typically need a SCART port on both the DVD player and television.

But if you only have the port on one of the devices, you can use an adaptor to configure the two separate devices.

Insert the SCART cable into the SCART port of the DVD player. Both ends of the SCART cable are identical, so it does not matter what side of the cable plugs into the player.

Plug the other end of the SCART cable into the TV's SCART port. If you do not have a SCART port on the TV, connect the SCART adaptor onto the end of the cable. It is hard to find this particular adaptor in stores within the United States because the SCART port is not found on American electronics, but a few sites sell these adaptors (see Resources).

Plug the RCA cables into the adaptor. Make sure the red, yellow and white cables are inserted into the correct colour ports on the adaptor.

Plug the RCA cables into the "In" port on the TV.

Power on the DVD player and TV, and you can watch movies on your television via the SCART cable.