How to Become a Licensed Taxi Driver in Glasgow

As the largest city in Scotland and third most populous in the United Kingdom, opportunities abound for taxi drivers to ferry the Glasgow's 2.3 million residents around the historic city.

With two major airports, a steady stream of tourists, twisting streets and a rapidly increasing suburban area, knowledgeable drivers can be an invaluable resource.

Obtain a valid UK Driver's License. Most first-time licenses cost £50, and can be obtained by completing the D1 application form available from the DVLA form ordering service or Post Office branches. Original identity documentation and passport-style colour photograph are required. You must have the driver's license for one year before applying for a taxi license.

Get to know Glasgow, inside and out. Drive your personal vehicle, or take public transportation if you must. Study a good map. Look at the city through the eyes of both locals and tourists. Know the quickest routes to Glasgow International Airport (a full 13km away from the City Centre) and Prestwick International (46km away), plus two or three backup routes in case of traffic jams. Learn to navigate the tangled, mazelike area along the River Clyde. Gain a thorough understanding of all major hotel locations a tourist spots, like the Gallery of Modern Art and the Mitchell Library. This isn't just a future customer-satisfaction issue. Passing a city-mandated rigorous test about Glasgow navigation knowledge is required to earn a license.

Attend a taxi training school, such as the one run by Glasgow Taxis Limited (formerly the Glasgow Taxi Owners' Association) or the online Glasgow Taxi College. The schools will provide practice materials, and tutor you to pass Glasgow's taxi topographical test. Additionally, you will be trained in customer care and disability awareness. The Glasgow Taxi College offers a 100 question mock-test, and information about taxi insurance.

Read the Glasgow City Council's Guidance Notes, plus the License Conditions and Dress Code, available online (see Resources).

Take taxi topographical test, which includes 100 multiple choice questions with four possible answers each. The test lasts approximately 45 minutes, cost £22 and are held monthly. 80 per cent of candidates pass the test.

Pay the license fees. First-time and temporary licenses cost £64, and are valid for one year (temporary licenses may be issued for up to six weeks). Renewals cost £113, with a two-year minimum (three-year licenses cost £153). Cash, check and postal order are acceptable forms of payment.

Apply with a company such as Glasgow Taxis, and get started.