How to find my medical records online

Your medical records can be found online once you have a personal health record established. You can start a personal health record yourself or have information added by a doctor or health facility that maintains compatible records.

You can start a personal health record using various online options such as Google Health Records and RevolutionHealth Health Record. Setting up a health record using either of these services is free.

Create a personal health record with Google Health. Google partners with the Cleveland Clinic, various pharmacies and other health organisations.

Access Google Health by signing in with your account information or creating a new account. Your Google personal health record allows you to organise your medical information in one place and share it with family members and doctors.

Link accounts with participating health care providers to transfer information into your personal health record. Transferring information is done by logging into a partner website and confirming that you want to have information transferred to your personal health profile.

Register for a personal health record at RevolutionHealth.

Compete the registration form by entering basic information such as your e-mail address and date of birth. You will need to accept the user agreement and then click the "Submit" button to complete your registration.

Put information into your health record yourself or have RevolutionHealth employees enter information faxed to them by your health care provider.

Log onto the site at any time to view information and advice if you have a particular medical condition.