How to Connect an Equalizer to an Integrated Amp

While not as commonly used as they used to be, equalisers remain a popular option for fine-tuning home-audio systems' frequency response.

Using an equaliser properly requires a lot of knowledge of your room specs, but you can easily connect the equaliser to your integrated amp, even if it lacks the Tape Loop function most equalisers depend on.

Figure out the audio chain (how many components you have and how you plan to connect them) in your system. If your only source is a CD or DVD player, or if your integrated amp has preamp-out and preamp-in connections, you can easily make all of the necessary connections.

Connect your source component with one pair of RCA cables to the input of the graphic equaliser. Use cables long enough to allow you to place the equaliser in your rack.

Connect the output of the equaliser to the preamp input of your integrated amplifier with the second pair of RCA cables.

If you'll be connecting multiple components, you'll need an integrated amp with preamp out and in. Connect all components to the appropriate inputs on the integrated amplifier.

Connect a pair of RCA cables from the preamp output of your integrated amp to the input on your equaliser. Connect a second pair of RCA cables from the output of your equaliser to the preamp input of your integrated amplifier.