How to burn tree stumps

nbriam/iStock/Getty Images

If you have a tree stump that needs to be removed, you could choose to burn the stump and avoid hiring expensive stump grinding equipment to remove the tree stump. Burning the tree stump will take some time, but you will completely remove any chance that the tree will start growing back.

Secure the area surrounding the tree stump. Remove any debris and leaves that could catch fire.

Bend the wire mesh into a dome shape using a pair of pliers. Use a 1 metre square section. This should be large enough the fit over the entire tree stump and out from the tree 8 cm all the way around.

Drill holes in the top of the tree stump 15 cm apart. Angle the holes towards the outside of the tree stump. Drill holes in the side of the tree stump straight in so that they intersect the angled holes drilled in the top of the stump. The holes do not have to connect.

Pour paraffin in the top holes. Allow the paraffin to soak into the tree stump. After the liquid is absorbed, reapply to the top holes again and allow it to sit overnight.

Set the tree stump on fire the next morning. Strike the matches and drop one into each of the holes on the top of the stump. Place the chicken wire dome over the burning tree stump to prevent the fire from spreading. Depending on the size of the trunk, the fire could burn for one to two days.