How to fix frozen walkmans

Sony Walkman has been a pioneering name in personal audio since the introduction of the first Walkman cassette player in 1979. Sony continues this tradition of providing people with personal audio devices with a series of MP3 players.

While there are millions of people who enjoy their Walkmans with no problems, sometimes a Walkman, like any other piece of technology, can freeze up and cause problems. Luckily, many problems, including freezes, can be fixed with only minor effort.

Grab either a paper clip or a needle. If you have a paper clip, bend it so that it becomes a straight line.

Locate the "Reset" button on the Walkman. Most Walkman models and, indeed, most MP3 players keep the Reset button somewhere near the volume control. Slide the pin needle or paper clip into the hole and press the "Reset" button.

Hold down the "Reset" button for 3 to 5 seconds. If you see the screen flicker, the Walkman has reset. Release the "Reset" button and remove the pin needle from the hold.

Power on your Sony Walkman. If already powered on, power down and then turn back on.

Allow the MP3 player to burn through the battery life. This will take several hours. Wait an extra couple of hours to ensure the battery is completely dead. Just because the screen has gone dark does not mean that the battery has completely drained itself.

Recharge the Walkman player until the battery holds a full charge. Turn the Walkman on. If the system operates as normal, the problem has been remedied.