How to remove wheel trims

Wheel trim is the general term for hubcaps, wheel covers, or both. Wheel trim is usually installed on vehicles with steel wheels. Steel is cheaper to produce than some of the more elaborate aluminium or alloy wheels on the market.

However, because steel is not as aesthetically pleasing, wheel trim is used to give the rim a "finished" look. Some wheel trims are made to look like aluminium, while others look like polished chrome. If you prefer to drive around showing off the unsightly steel wheels, however, you'll need to know how to remove wheel trim.

Unstake the centre wheel hub cap. Wedge a large flat tip screwdriver under the edge of the centre hub cap and pry the cap loose. Some vehicles have a small notch cut out of the cap for this purpose. On other vehicles, you will need to work the screwdriver under the cap.

Wedge the tip of the screwdriver under the edge of the outer hub cap. The outer hub cap covers the entire wheel and is held in place by retaining clips.

Pry up on the edge of the wheel trim and work your way around the outer edge of the wheel trim until the trim pops off.