How to trace an address from a telephone number

Nearly everyone has found a telephone number scrawled on a piece of paper or on their caller ID with no name attached. Finding out whom that number belongs to and where they are calling from is relatively easy, as long as you have Internet access and a few minutes to spare.

Find the complete phone number. The last seven digits are not enough to trace an address from a telephone number, so make sure you also have the area code.

Do an Internet search. Try using any of the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN or AltaVista. Enter the full telephone number starting with area code. This type of search will often bring up the address and owner of the number.

Use a reverse directory. There are many different reverse directories, but try White Pages or AnyWho first. These are both free search engines that make tracing an address from a telephone number easy. You simply enter the phone number in the search box. The site will list any and all results related to that number. Don't be surprised if several different names and addresses come up.

Do a cell phone search. If both the Internet search and reverse directory don't work, you may be dealing with a cell phone number. Some cell phone numbers will show up on a regular Internet search, particularly if the person has a website with their posted cell phone number. Otherwise, you will likely have to pay for the information through websites like, or

Hire an investigator. The final step in tracing an address from a telephone number is to hire a detective to find the address. Many have access to advanced search technology that makes finding an address easy. If finding out more information about the unknown phone number is worth the cost, this is usually a sure-fire way to get what you need.

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