How to use pen ink to tattoo

What was once only popular with the military, bikers and prison gangs, tattoos have come a long way in the last few decades. Everyone from the neurosurgeon to the soccer mom adorn their bodies with these permanent pictures. Getting a tattoo can be a very expensive endeavour. Depending on the size and the detail, you may be looking at a tattoo that costs hundreds of dollars. It is possible to skip the professional tattoo artist and give yourself a tattoo. However, it should be noted that giving yourself or your friends tattoos can lead to infection.

Draw an outline of the picture or words that you want to tattoo directly onto the skin.

Remove the ink from your pen. Depending on the brand, you should be able to pull the tip or the bottom of the pen off and then remove the plastic tube filled with ink.

Cut the tip of the plastic tubing (that holds the ink) at an angle.

Grab the top of the plastic tube with your thumb and index finger and squeeze. Pull your fingers down the tube until you have removed all of the ink. Repeat on several pens, until you are satisfied with the amount of ink.

Heat the end of your needle with the flame from your lighter. This will help to sterilise the needle.

Dip the needle into your ink and press it into the skin. You will not need to press very hard. You want to just break the surface of the sink. Repeat, following the outline that you made earlier. Keep a wash cloth handy to wipe away any blood.

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