How to convert a fridge into a grow box

Turn nonworking refrigerators into grow boxes using either soil or hydroponic systems. Using a fridge as a grow box is one way to recycle an appliance. People with limited space can use this style grow box to start seeds and to grow their own produce if they do not have land available.

Stand the fridge upright and check that the door seals completely. Remove the freon, compressor, and coils from the fridge. To remove freon you cut the larger of the two lines running along the back side of the refrigerator. Spray the interior of the fridge with all purpose cleaner, wipe it down, and rinse thoroughly.

Place a grow light in the fridge that provides optimal light for all plants. Drill a hole through the back of the refrigerator just big enough for the power cord to slide through.

Install grow lights with chains so that the lights hang down. Slide the power cord through the hole and seal it with silicone.

Drill a hole in the rear of the refrigerator the same size as the exhaust fan. Insert the fan with the back sticking out of the fridge. Seal around the hole with silicone.

Drill a second hole in the rear of the fridge the same size as the small fan. Insert the fan and seal with silicone.

Use existing shelving in the refrigerator to place flats of seeds. Keep the door closed unless you are maintaining the grow box.