How to start a kids party planning business

Start a kids party planning business to make money while having fun with child's play. Modern parents are extremely busy; most parents appreciate a full-service party company that can supply decorations, games, prizes, entertainment and food service. Bring the whole party, or as much as the customer wants.

Offer limited services to parents on smaller budgets and make every affair a great time for the kids.

Cultivate business relationships with suppliers, caterers and entertainers. Contact party supply outlets for prices. Organise a list of caterers, beverage vendors, bakers, florists, inflatable suppliers and various entertainers. Negotiate a fee for using their services at your contracted parties. Create a price list for charging clients based on the elements they request.

Contact interested parents and discuss party details. Show photos of theme supplies for party ideas and list all the services you're willing to perform. Accommodate the adult guests who will attend. The services may include preparing and mailing invitations, managing responses, catering a meal, arranging decorations, providing entertainment, facilitating games and activities and giving out prizes and favours. Have clients sign a contract to secure your services and ask for a retainer fee before purchasing supplies. Be ready for any request.

Plan themes centred around common children's events like religious occasions, holidays, tea parties and birthday parties. Children's characters are popular themes for birthdays. Several children's favourites are featured on invitations, plates, napkins, cake toppers and household decorations. Check suppliers for availability of theme elements.

Plan familiar activities and games for children to play. Parents may want a bounce house or inflatable swimming pool. You can offer most classic games at an inexpensive rate. Gather a supply of burlap bags and rope for three-legged races and sack races. Have a contest to see who can drop a clothespin into a gallon milk jug from waist level.

Bring fresh cakes to your party customers to leave a noteworthy impression. Save money by baking and decorating them yourself. Agree on a business rate for cakes if you enlist a local bakery.

Perform the entertainment yourself. Do an illusion act, twist balloon animals together, paint faces or juggle and recite silly rhymes. The act doesn't have to be flawless, just entertaining.

Promote the business by every affordable means available. Print business cards and flyers for distribution. Build a website and list the URL on cards and flyers. Advertise your company in online business directories. Ask schools and party shops to display a stack of your flyers. Offer to exchange entertainment for flyer distribution at preschools. This is where it really pays to do your own entertainment.