How to Make Dollhouse Curtains

Furnishing a dollhouse can be expensive. The cost of adding fixtures, furniture and accessories can nearly rival those of full-size homes. Yet no dollhouse should be without the comforts of home. Curtains add charm and warmth to any room and can give your dollhouse a realistic look. With a little knowledge and inexpensive materials, you can make curtains for all your windows in your dollhouse. Once you've made your first curtain, you may want to do the whole house.

Measure your dollhouse window, adding a 1/4-inch hem allowance to each side, top and bottom. Make a paper pattern.

Cut the fabric to the pattern. Hand sew a double hem on each side, top and bottom by folding over the fabric 1/8 inch, then folding it over 1/8 inch again. Iron each hem and sew.

Put pleats in the curtain by pinning the top of the curtain to cardboard. Pleat, or fold, the bottom of the curtain vertically, like you're folding a paper fan. Pin each pleat to the cardboard and spray it with hairspray to hold it into place. Let it dry.

Hang the curtain by placing Velcro buttons on the curtain and on the windowpane. Place the loop part of the Velcro on the top and back side of the curtain; place the hook part on the top of the windowpane. Arrange several of them equally along the curtain and window so the curtain hangs even.

For open curtains, add an extra ½ inch to the width of your pattern and cut it in half down the centre. Follow the above directions for hemming; the extra 1/2 inch is so you can hem the inside edges as well. Finish and hang the curtains by following Steps 3 and 4. Open the curtains by using ribbon tie-backs and small hooks.

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