How to Set Up an Ironing Business


Small businesses centred on household chores are growing more popular because of families with two working parents and just busy lives in general. Executives with an overloaded schedule usually don't pencil enough time in to take care of extras such as ironing. That is why an ironing business is such a good idea.

Invest in high-quality equipment. You will need equpment such as an ironing board, iron, comfortable chair or stool, hangers, spray starch, and trouser guards. You can usually order supplies online at a much cheaper price. Check out the Sewing Machine Outlet to see what they have to offer. If you live in the UK or wouldn't mind ordering internationally, you can also visit Ironing Business to purchase a ironing business start-up package. See Resources for link.

Determine what to include in services. An additional service you can provide is pickup and delivery since the key to an ironing business is the convenience you offer. If you decide to deliver, you should probably invest in a van or something in which you can install a pole across the back to hang the clothes on. You don't want travel all the way across town to deliver the clothes only to realise that they became wrinkled on the drive over. You can also charge a fee for adding extra starch. You might consider doing alterations or simple things such as sewing on a missing button. Another good idea is to set up an account with a corporate office. Come pick up clothes from the office employees once a week or so and charge the company on a monthly basis.

Develop a rate sheet. First determine if you would rather charge by the hour or per article of clothing. If you decide to do the ironing in the person's home, you could charge be the hour. If you charge by the hour do to it in your own home, they might not completely trust that you are charging them the correct rate. Some customers just prefer items to be priced separately so they know exactly how much it will cost them. It's usually just easier this way. To determine how much to charge per shirt, check out local dry cleaners or Laundromats who offer the same type of service and see how much they charge. It's best to charge just a little less so your service is still seen as high quality.

Advertise. Think about your target audience. Young professionals and busy families with two working parents are a great place to start. Think about places they would visit and put up some flyers there. Day cares or Senior Citizen homes would be a great place to start. You could also place business cards and flyers at park and rides because busy executives usually carpool into the city for work. Flyers should also be placed at train stations and bus stops. If you decide to go the business card route, visit Click Business Cards for cards specifically for an ironing business. See Resources for link.

Another good idea would be to mail advertisements to law offices and courthouses. These are both places where people where uniforms and dress clothes and might be in need of your services. Most post offices also have a notice board for you to place flyers on.