How to Become an Urban Decay Makeup Artist

Becoming a make-up artist for Urban Decay can be a fun, creative way to make a living, but it requires a lot of work and preparation.

You must be well-versed in skin care and cosmetics, have a good understanding of the cosmetics industry and specifically Urban Decay's products, and acquire the skills you need to succeed through education and training.

Join a make-up community, such as or These sites have forums and information on most products, and a lot of people who are willing to help you learn. Virtually everything you want to know about Urban Decay products as well as application tips and tricks, from brush techniques to colour swatches, can be found on these sites.

Play with your make-up like you did when you were younger. Imitate celebrity make-up or photos you see in magazines. Experimenting is all about trial and error. Through this you will find what colours work well with your skin, which brushes are best for the effects you want to create, etc. Urban Decay employs very skilled make-up artists, and there is no doubt they all began by practicing on themselves or a friend.

Educate yourself on make-up artistry. Enrol in a local beauty school, apply for a part-time job in a department store's cosmetics department, or find someone skilled to teach you. Urban Decay make-up artists often do freelance jobs as well. Consider taking a trip to the store and asking them if you can assist on a freelance job, where you can learn more about the application and product ingredients of Urban Decay cosmetics. Doing this will help you to gain contacts and references within the company.

Put together your resume, tailoring it to Urban Decay's needs. Focus on your make-up experience and freelancing assistance (or solo freelancing). Prepare your cover letter by showing your interest in cosmetics, and stating specifically what it is you love about Urban Decay's make-up.

Do your homework before your interview. Study Urban Decay's mission statement, think about its unique brand and style, and make sure you are prepared to say why you want to work at Urban Decay over other cosmetics retailers. Often, they will ask you to demonstrate your skills in an interview. Narrate the entire process, making sure to mention the exact product you are using and how it works. For example, you could say, "I am applying Urban Decay Primer Potion to your eyelids. This will help avoid creasing and will give you a base so the eyeshadow colour will pop." A deep knowledge of Urban Decay's products, as well as your developed artistry skill, will impress the hiring managers.