How to Repair a Samsung X Hinge

The Samsung X is a line of Windows computer systems from the popular electronics company. It is a thin laptop, so some of the equipment used is on the smaller side and damages easily. Parts that may need replacing include the hinges responsible for opening and closing the hardware.

If you notice a hinge is beginning to break apart or not work properly, you need to repair it; otherwise the monitor may snap off or not open the next time you use it.

Power down the Samsung X laptop computer, then flip the computer over. Push up on the battery release and slide out the battery.

Remove the Phillips screws on the underside of the laptop and keep the screws in a safe place.

Open the laptop and fully extend the monitor. Directly above the keyboard is a plastic strip protector. Slide your flat head screwdriver underneath it and gently pry up the plastic. This reveals the cables running into the laptop.

Disconnect the cables running from the monitor into the motherboard of the laptop, then slide out the keyboard (with the plastic piece removed, the keyboard pops out rather easily).

Take out the Phillips screws from each side of the top of the laptop; they help hold the hinges in place. Remove the hinges from the Samsung X laptop. Insert the new, replacement hinges into position (you can purchase these hinges from most computer repair facilities). Tighten the Phillips screws back in, plug the cable running from the monitor back into the mother board and slide the keyboard back into place. Reassemble the laptop and insert the battery to regain power to the computer.